Thailand Exposed Me.

Thailand 12.24.17 🇹🇭 Life is much different here 💓 its like I'm creating me another home. Another reality. ✨ It’s a different vortex. I'm adapting more and more to it and loving the pace of things here.

 Its like I’m a baby learning to adapt from all of the unlearning that needed to be done. 

I'm watching my routine and how it is magically just falling in place. I’m the watcher. I am watching & creating or am I creating & watching🧐😅

Look at what my harvest has brought me for being obedient last season. 😊 Why can’t I plant more seeds here? 

These hue-mans have inspired me on so many levels. Follow them, they are all conscious artist that see life through a different lense. They vibe different. 💓✨ 

Someone special asked me, “Rashidat, what lessons have I learned while here in Thailand?” Today marks 25 days. 🇹🇭😎 I'm just going to start doing things a little different, Take a slightly different approach about some things. I am different. My love is different, My lense is different, My forgiveness, fear, passion, and desires are different. I am aware that my beliefs and lifestyle is different. Heck, I breathe differently. 🧘🏽‍♀️ #pranapower I am evolving myself and playing my part in raising the consciousness of OUR reality and helping others who intertwine throughout my divine path. I am ONE with you. Thank Thailand 🙏🏽 #lesson 💯  

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