RISE with Rashidat

December 3, 2017

I am Rashidat and I created a new lifestyle for myself in 2010 after realizing unhealthy food, drugs, and alcohol no longer made an accurate statement of who I was. The experience of my past created a life for me presently to send a message to ALL. I AM living proof that if I can RISE to higher states of consciousness, in a space of non-judgment, so can You. I am currently a messenger of inspiration and truth. Proof manifested in this physical body that rising to higher vibrations, no matter where you are start from, is possible. An INFLUENCER, a powerful being with unlimited possibilities to create whoever and whatever I want. And that is who I AM. AS YOU ARE.




And listen! 

A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Men & Woman of Human Excellence http://www.mwfhe.org/ their mission is to help stabilize and empower recovering individuals who are burdened with thoughts and behavior that are self-destructive.  


Thanks to the beautiful Bettina for RISING with me! 💖


 Purchase here Click link 💕 

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