Time To Take Your OM Outdoors.

One of yoga’s (many) beauties is it can literally be done anywhere. Taking your yoga practice outdoors can can totally enchance the experience. Here’s why!

"Yoga means 'union,' and when it's practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt," says Hilary Kimblin, a Vedic hatha yoga teacher and owner of Yoga Under the Trees in Beverley Hills, California.

Why is Yoga better in nature?

  • Spiritual grounding. Spiritual grounding expels unwanted or excess energy such as from stress, trauma, being rushed, being panicked, angry, clumsy, drained, overwhelmed, overworked, confused, static charge from cars, public and other equipment. (This is the same concept as grounding a house of excess electric charge with a grounding wire). Spiritual grounding also helps to activate an under active root chakra.

  • . Nature is the Greatest Source of Prana To be in nature is to be immersed in the greatest source of Prana, or life-force energy, that exists. Prana is connected to the Air element, thus naturally stimulating our entire system and awakening our senses.

  • Tap into Cosmic Energy When your body is warm and you feel the sunlight touching your skin during your practice, you will connect with the Fire element, activating your own Agni (or the cosmic fire of the universe) within. You will also connect with the Ether element, connecting you to Earth and Cosmic energy through your physical body.

The Highest Realization . . . You will realize in wonder, with every ounce of your body, that you and nature are ONE!

Obviously, taking your yoga practice outside is a powerful way to tap into yourself, your Self, and the healing, transformative powers of nature. Whether you’re looking for a healthy dose of the great outdoors, need to relieve stress, feel grounded, or get back to your roots (pun intended!), outdoor yoga is the recipe for transformation. Get outside, take a deep breath, and dive in! Namaste.

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