In this 48 page blueprint I am revealing 10+ years of my experience & knowledge to you in a 7 Day Holistic Detox. This is your easy to follow blueprint on raising your vibration to match the frequency to higher states of consciousness. Remember, your body is your sacred temple, that house your spirit and life energy. If our physical body is not up to speed with life energy, you’re more likely to be tired, holding onto extra weight and not living to your full potential.

You could be carrying around toxic waste that has been with you for years, robbing you of your energy, youth and vitality. Stored toxins can also make your body hold onto weight, so a detox can be an ideal way to jumpstart a weight loss program too.

This isn't like any other detox or cleanse, my seven day detox is an experience! This is your sacred time for healing and cleansing, and should be seen as a time of regeneration and rejuvenation – it’s a fantastic FRESH start or a ReStart program. Now that you have the blueprint, you can start as many times as you like!


Whats Inside?

  • Detox Recipes
  • Chakras 
  • Shopping List
  • Detoxing Yoga Poses
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Your Daily Rituals to begin transformation
  • Foods to Avoid 
  • and MUCH MORE! 


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    I created a community forum so that we can support and encourage each other during our sacred detox journey. Since logging off of ALL social media during your detox is highly suggested. You will have full access to meet other detoxers from all over the world who have purchased the book and on the same journey as you. Join the exclusive DETOX FB PAGE