So what is the ” 3 Day POST HOLIDAY DETOX?”
It’s a plant-based, alkaline-friendly cleanse designed for anyone who wants to detox their body without starving themselves! In this 10 page guide you’ll get tips, recipes and guidence to help you have a successful detox. Each day you will have a 32oz juice, a 32oz smoothie, and a raw salad for three days.


Our bodies and digestive system need a rest once in a while, especially during the Holiday Season.

In just 3 short days this easy to follow Post Holiday 3 Day Detox, will help you get your health, energy, and vitality back on track—all without starving. You’ll conquer your cravings, reduce inflammation, lose a few pounds, feel lighter and more energized.


Just because this says Post HOLIDAY Detox doesn't mean you have to wait! Feel free to complete this detox when you feel lead. 


Now, Let's Detox! 


NOTE! You will need a Juicer, Blender, Food Processor to make all the ingredients in this detox.


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  • Who should NOT do a detox?

    Children, pregnant/nursing women, the elderly and those with
    compromised immune systems should NOT do a detox.