I am a Holistic Lifestyle Influencer who partners with CEO's, companies, not-for profit organizations, executives, schools and universities, to expand the knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, Detoxing & Physical Exercise human-to-human, After spending nearly a decade on self-improvement and evolving to higher states of consciousness through holistic practices, I truly know what it takes to overcome challenges. I regularly share my personal battles with obesity, drug and alcohol abuse, and divorce. 

True evolving happens in the overcoming and surviving of challenges.

I have been covered in print and media outlets from all over the world including 106.3 Live Radio,, Nekia Nichelle, Focus Magazine and Black Fitness Today.

In addition to my extensive self improvement background, I traveled to India to earn my  200hr Yoga Teacher Certification. 

I have achieved four, 1st place wins as a vegan bodybuilding competitor in the NPC, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Personal Trainer and earned a Mindfulness Coach certification.

I mentored under Naturopathic Dr. Tammye Matthews as a Detox Practitioner and then went on to create my own holistic detox program and published 3 self help books. 

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I began my journey of self-improvement in 2003 when I checked into a 30-day alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation program. I got clean however, I unknowingly traded one vice for another. I started to indulge in unhealthy habits such as smoking cigarettes and FOOD! As the years passed, I found my weight increasing and my health on a steady decline. I can recall weighing as much as 222 pounds though I am certain I actually weighed more at some point.

The sport of body building became my healthy outlet in 2009.  I dropped over 60 pounds in nine months to compete for the first time. I placed 11th and was in great physical shape. I looked wonderful on the outside yet, my heart held no joy. I felt that I was missing something; as if I were being held in the grips of numbness.  This deep emptiness drove me to relapse into the shackles of unhealthy decisions. In 2013, one of the hardest years of my life, I found myself behind bars due to the influence of drugs and alcohol. By that time, my weight fluctuated and my health was diminishing. I vowed to myself that if I could escape the grips of darkness, I would never look back – I couldn’t if I wanted to live. In 2014, shortly after stepping into the light of conscious sobriety, I was introduced to yoga

I had taught myself various poses over the years - mostly because I thought it was cool - but when I began to really practice yoga, it opened a field of possibilities I never knew existed. I realized there was genuine power in yoga yet, I still was blind to the profound impact yoga would have in my life.  2015 was a break-through year. I competed in four more body building competitions and had an almost flawless body.  I took first place in every show as a VEGAN athlete and smashed every myth that you must consume animal protein to be a successful athlete. Throughout that year, yoga and meditation had become staples in my daily life. Unknowingly it caused a shift in consciousness and I found that though my body building accomplishments were impressive to the outside world and made me proud, they only fed my ego and not my spirit self.  I couldn’t continue down that path. I felt a familiar pang of emptiness, but this time, I was able to delve deeper into my yoga practice which led me to travel to India.  For a month, I had the privilege of sharing space with individuals I considered gurus and monks.  I immersed myself in the philosophies of yoga, meditation, and anatomy. This experience opened my eyes to my higher purpose.  I came to understand the healing that I must do within myself to evolve into a human that not only inspires, but a human that can heal others and help them expand the awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and actions in a more holistic way. Although I still face the temptation of drugs, alcohol, and food, through yoga and meditation I have been sober for two years.  More importantly, I hold a higher sense of self and a stronger sense of purpose. Through my dedication to yoga and meditation, I strive to continually improve. I share my story freely, in hopes that I might be the light to someone’s darkness, to be a beacon of inspiration to the lost.