Learn How to Reset & Recharge Your BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Without Restrictive Eating!

Just Imagine...

And a Ton More!

On top of these benefits, you will also see and feel

your skin clearing up, your hair shiner and more.

The 7 Day HOLISTIC Detox Was Created By an Experianced Personal Trainer, Competitor, Yoga & Medition Teacher, Detox Coach and Holistic Entrepreneur.

Rashidat Owe, 200hr YTT, NPC BB, CPT

Looking for a detox that actually works the body, mind and spirit?

Good, then this 7 day HOLISTIC detox is for you.

Hi, I am Rashidat Owe, International Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Speaker, Certified Personal Trainer, Detox Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Author of 3 Self Help Books, The Transition to Vegan 28 Day Meal Plan, the Meditation Handbook and my #1 Seller, The 7 Day Holistic Detox.

When it comes to detoxes, you name it and I've tried it.

I take my diet recommendations very seriously so I try somthing on my own and do the homeworks behind it before i suggest it to my clients & audience. Thus, I personally use my 7 Day Holistic Detox method monthly in which I share publiclly via my social media handles. 


I decided to just create my own.

After 11 years of crash diets, fasting, competing in professional bodybuilding shows, completing a 100 day saced juice fast, traveling to India to become a certified yoga teacher, completed multiple mindfulness courses, did mentorship under my Natropathic Dr and never feeling WHOLE, I decided to created my own plan. I made sure it wasnt just focused on the physical. I created a HOLISTIC detox that helps align & detox the MIND, BODY & SPIRIT

I wanted  to make it such an absolute no-brainer and low barrrier that anyone could afford it and to give you every reason imaginable to avoid the crash diet, pill pumping, starvation "detoxes" out there and to give this one a try...

Fall in LOVE with caring for the WHOLE YOU!

So, what are you waiting for? Start your 7 Day HOLISTIC Detox today and feel like a million bucks in less than a week. Also, this there are many people who decide to go longer than 7 days and it's totally safe but please consult your physician before starting any new nutritional plans.


They Did It and So Can You

Are You Ready to Feel Re-Energized, Re-Vitalized and WHOLE?

7 Days of Complete Detox Plan


Day 1 & 2 Juicing

Day 3 thru 5 Juicing & Smoothies

Day 6 & 7 Smoothies & Raw Food Dinner


Daily Detoxing Yoga Poses


Daily Meditation Practices 


Daily Spiritual Practices (Non-Religion Based)


Daily Affirmations & Chakras For Beginners


Shopping List & Helpful Resources



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